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According to the UN and the WHO, the exercise of mobility in the world and in Colombia causes traffic accidents, this is the first cause of violent death, the third of permanent disability, it’s considered a public health problem in the degree of epidemic exceeding 10 deaths per 100 thousand habitants, additionally the UN and ANSV maintain that in 80% of the losses are caused by causes of human behavior, such as carelessness and recklessness, this is compounded by climate change that affects energy causes injuries and vehicular chaos when the traffic lights go out.

We use solar energy to produce data and maintain mobility immune to climate change and save lives, every data generated with solar energy in real time can avoid an accident, is equivalent to save up to US$ 1 million per event avoided, this the cost of an accident serious that can be avoided with our data of very high value.

  • Highly innovative legal company status granted by Colciencias, Colombia.

  • A success story of the pacific alliance for innovation.

  • Participants in initiatives of MinTic Colombia, the UN, NASA and German Cooperation Agency GIZ.

  • We’ve been witnesses at international events in Europe and America on issues of ODS and innovation.

  • Our solutions impact at least six (6) sustainable development objectives of the UN, our systems use solar energy to generate open data in real time on accident and mobility risks through the Internet of things, blockchain and bigdata, which they help make decisions that save lives and prevent injuries.


Best digital technology in Colombia, among the 100 best technologies in the world.
The Government of Colombia, the TIC Ministery and Fedesoft awarded us with the awards for the best application of government and application with the greatest social impact in Colombia because of saved lifes using IoT and Open Data.
Nomination to Indigo Awards 2018, for saving lives with real-time data.

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